HNxD - Test - 1An abuse of innocence.
Where the satisfaction?

Excited at the prospect of her own home this naïve innocent looked forward to enjoying the good company of neighbours she could share with. But …………

Why would they pick on an innocent in this way?
Why would they want to destroy them?
What could they possibly gain?
Where was conscious?

All questions in need of answers. But are there any?


‘Tara found the perfect house. It needed some cleaning up and a paint job but it is her home with a garden; something she has dreamed of.

But will those dreams be ruined by the neighbours and their activities? She is naïve and naivety can be taken advantage of; or can it?

You will have to read this engaging short story to find out.

Robinson gets straight into the story which is a necessity when writing a good short story. It is well written with just the right amount of anticipation.’


At first, we’re not sure if Tara’s mental “red flags” are real or if she’s merely hyper-sensitive on account of her past.

You’ll have to read it to find out.

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